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Where Are You Headed?

16 December 2009 6 Comments

When you look at a successful person, what thoughts come into your mind? Are they: “Damn, I wish I had that”, or are they: “Yeah, if I had the opportunities he had I’d also be on top of the world”, or on the other hand do you find out more about that person, how they reached the heights they did, learn from the mistakes they made over the years, and try to understand the method of their thoughts when they were moving up the ladder of success. A certain quote had also stuck with me concerning people, success, and how the world works. It simply falls upon Method Man to sum up how things are:

“Fuck the world, don’t ask me for shit, everything you get you gotta work hard for it.”

Now you can’t argue that, can you? Everybody wants to be the best at something. Everyone wants success. Everyone wants to be superior to others when it comes to competition. So I’d like to break down those song lyrics and elaborate my thoughts on the subject.

Fuck the World

Opportunity doesn’t just come knocking on your door everyday. As much as I’d like to believe that the world is a great place where everyone get what they want, that simply isn’t the truth. Somehow the world has a way of helping some people while completely ignoring others. Why exactly is that? Because opportunity doesn’t come by chance, it has to be created. Forget about your rich daddy or your extraordinarily high IQ, if you can’t think of ways to use those things in your advantage, it’s as good as waste. I know people with rich parents who end coke-heads, ruining the empire their parents left for them. However, I also know people with rich parents who are tenacious and have the smarts to be grateful for what they have and grow the business rather than destruct it. But for the most part, we the majority, don’t have rich daddies to leave behind a legacy for us, so we have to create our own wealth with the small things we do have. For the most part, that’s public education and the bonds we can create with other people for future benefit. Also, if you sense you have some talent in something, it’s crucial to work on it when you still have limited responsibilities in the teenage years. Time can be used in two ways: it can be wasted or it could be exploited. If you plan things and work on them without ever giving up, there is a high chance you’ll be on top one day.

Don’t Ask Me for Shit

As we know, no one but your family and friends is really out there to help you more than it helps them in return. So my suggestion is keep your achievements on low profile and don’t get too cocky, because even friends can get jealous at times. I’ve realized that life is a rollercoaster and though one day you may on top, the very next day you may be on the bottom. So it’s important to treat everyone equal and try not to disrespect people if you don’t have to. This way when you’re down and out, you actually have earned the respect of others to be worthy of being helped. However, unless you’re in real a dire position for something, asking others for something (especially money) can really turn the relationship sour. The lender always feels superiority towards the person he is lending something too, and he’ll expect more in return from you in the years to come.

Everything You Get You Have to Work Hard for It

Those successful people I mentioned that you may see in the street and wish to be like didn’t come to that position overnight. Even if it may seem like they did, trust me, there’s a long story behind it that is hidden from the people. Everyone from actors to real estate moguls to mob bosses had to go through tough regimes of self-discipline to get to where they are. Throughout the journey to success, people go through unbelievably hard work. From tedious assignments that feel like they’ll never end, to extremely long work hours that aren’t gratified with a paycheck at the end of the day, to even physical and mental strains that make you feel like there’s no way out of this hellish situation. But the future is bright for those who keep at it. Sure, some are situated better than others to reach successful, but for the most part we all have to start somewhere, keep working our asses off, and only then reap the rewards. It’s logical, however, to constantly improve your chances by implementing things into your work regime that will help you out. Originality, making sure to take the opportunities you’ve created for yourself, and learning and growing off your mistakes are there for starters.

I wish you all the best and I hope you find this post motivational. Keep working even when the light at the end seems dim and make sure allocate your time appropriately. There’s always gonna be time to party when you’re swimming in a vault of money like Scrooge.


  • Gerrard S said:

    That’s the utter truth right here! We almost never hear about the countless hours athletes spend repeating their basketball shots from the foul line before they go pro, or how writers spend years getting rejected by publishers before making it big, or the countless amounts of grueling auditions an actor goes through while taking classes and perfecting the craft before finally landing the role of their breakthrough role. You just need to push through with self-discipline and not think that there is a magical fairy that will come and hand you everything.

  • C. M. said:

    I agree with this complete. But also I wouldn’t even want some magic fairy to help me and hand everything to me at will. Going through the process is what’s great about it… You end up appreciating it all even more when you achieve it yourself. That’s why so many people end up failing when they have rich parents, because never had to go through the struggle themselves.
    Great post man!

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @C.M: I debate that often. Sometimes the clmb gets so difficult that I just wish things would just finally work out. But when I will finally make it on my own, I’ll look back at these times and remember all these tough times and, like you said, appreciate it all that much more. Thanks for the comment.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Gerrard: Since I want to be a fiction writer myself, I tend to read up on the success stories of my favorite authors just to get inspired by what they had to go through. You’re absolutely right though, that we usually just see the successful people and tend not to delve deeper into analyzing what they went through to get there.

  • Mark said:

    Just found your blog on problogger. I like it. Some funny stuff and a great deal of character. While reading this post it made me think of a book you’d maybe love to read. It’s called The Fuck It way. Check it out lol. I’m Mark by the way.
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..Google Celebrate 5 Years Blogging =-.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Mark: Hey Mark, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely check out the book. Sounds like my kinda title. Hope to see you here again. Cheers.

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