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21 August 2009 2 Comments

Video Content

I was getting my car tuned the other day and it took them 3 hours to complete the job. During that time I had a lot of things to think about, and one of the things my mind kept going to was what my plan for this upcoming year would be. I will be living in Amsterdam starting next week and I wanted to video-record my student exchange lifestyle there. Europe, and more particularly Amsterdam, is very different from where I currently live, which is North of Toronto. With that said, I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how I cope with that new freedom and complete independence that I will have because I’ll be completely responsible for myself since I will not know anyone there. So I was thinking of posting videos once in a while on this blog and on my YouTube channel to keep readers informed on my travels.

The Go-To Blog for Dating Advice

Another thing I came up with on my boring day in the waiting room at the mechanic’s was that I set up goals I would like to achieve with this blog in the few years to come. I asked myself the question: What do I want people to think when they think of going of my blog? And after some thought I realized that I wanted to build up my credibility with such perfect advice that when anyone has any dating question, the first thing they type in their browser address bar is www.shiteilike.com. But not only be the main dating advice “guru” as some may call it, but also share motivational and informative posts for males in sections ranging from male facial hair grooming to making sure they start aiming for success from a young age.

The blog has been growing steadily since its commencement back in November ’08 and I haven’t run into any problems in coming up with new posts throughout each week. Also, if you have your own blog or business going, I highly suggest you physically write down what you want to achieve with your blog or business by next year. It really keeps you on focus to grow to the next level. Well, everything is going well with me and if you want to chat sometime, add me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. That’s all I wanted to say today… so go have a great day.


  • R.W. Jackson said:

    I’ll look forward to your time in Amsterdam. Your blog has come a long way since Novemeber. I look forward seeing where it goes in the future. I’m adding you on twitter too.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @R.W. Jackson: It really has come a long way, even went through 3 or 4 template changes until I got it to looking like this. Practise makes perfect. I really hope I don’t party it up too much in Amsterdam that I completely forget about updating this blog.. let’s hope that doesn’t happen. I followed you back on twitter mate. Cheers!

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