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Where to Pick-Up Women?

12 January 2009 6 Comments


Under Your Nose

Where is the best place to look for women to pick up? It’s right in front of you, right under your nose. There are women everywhere you go. There are even good-looking women everywhere you go. All you’ve gotta do is combine all your knowledge you’ve learnt in the Get Women Series to go about picking them up properly. Firstly, if you’re a pessimist and you’re the type of person saying, “Damn, that’s bullshit. There’s never any good looking girls anywhere I go.” Then you’ll even miss the sexies at a female models convention. It doesn’t even matter how high your standards are, I guarantee that if you go out right now to a public location (a mall, a crowded street, etc) you’ll spot a few nice looking females walking without a man by their side. Now that I’m mentioning the fact there are good looking women anywhichway you look or go once you’re out, you must remember to dress like a boss as well not for the sake of making a good first-impression when you decide to approach a woman, but just for your own confidence sake. This doesn’t mean you should wear a Hugo Boss suit at all times, all it means is be fresh, clean, and wear some stuff that you feel self-assured in. This can even mean a peacoat with black Timbs for you, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re not feeling like people won’t accept you if you dress that certain way.


Location, Location, Location

If you’re not the biggest boss and you need some guidance on where women are actually in the mindframe of wanting to get picked-up, well there are many places that are good for this. I’m not much of a clubber myself, but I believe it’s very easy to pick-up girls there. If you’re into that scene well then just go and grind with a girl. It might be dark and she might have lots of make-up that you won’t be able to spot right away and you’re pretty much testing your luck. Then once you’re grinding with her she might want to start making out. This happens especially with younger girls. Honestly, I hate making out with girls that I just started to grind with because I don’t know how many guys she’s already grinded and made-out with before me. I find it disgusting, so instead I go to lounges. If you have a little bit of money, it helps a lot in picking up girls at lounges. Don’t send them a drink right away as soon as you spot a sexy, but make sure to make some eye-contact and get her to notice you beforehand. Best thing to do actually, is make a scene like getting up and drinking a toast to a friend while totally ignoring her, knowing she’s noticed you though. Then once you see she’s intrigued, you can look her way and say something like, “Ey, come drink a shot for my friend with us! He finally lost his virginity! Just kidding, he got married.” Just make up some funny shite and involve her indirectly. I wouldn’t suggest going to pubs to pick up girls because it’s usually a bunch of drunk geezers and if there are girls then they’re either with their mans or are just there to get pissed.


Story Time

Once again it’s story time. During my time working as a banquet hall waiter, I was able to cop at least 4 or 5 numbers from girls that just came as customers to their cousin’s wedding or whatever. One time I was serving a table and I liked how a girl looked from a table across from mine. I would go over occasionally and ask if they had enough water or whatever even though it wasn’t my table and I made sure to always leave their table with giving that girl the last glance. Then throughout the night I made conversation with different female co-workers around the banquet hall so the girl would see that I’m able to in fact be funny and joke around with my female coworkers and see that I’m a live person. Then I remember when everyone from her table was dancing except her (and maybe her grandparents), I walked over and asked why don’t she go dance. Started to make conversation with her and finally convinced her to come outside with me to talk because it was too loud in the hall. From there I was able to take her out back to my car where I had music and we sat in the backseat and fooled around a little before I got her number. I even remember one of my coworkers getting jealous and yelling something like, “Oh, Robby you’re cheating on me with another?!” during our walk back from the car. She did it as a joke, but I could sense the jealousy. 😛 But yeah, my point is, even a banquet hall waiter during his shift has the ability to pick-up a girl and even get to fool around with her during her sister’s wedding. It’s all about the approach and the way you handle yourself.



  • The boss said:

    100 percent agree that club girls, but some pub girls aren’t too bad, some pubs are for older people, but the pubs for young people are proper and you can find proper ladies there

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  • Enlargement said:

    I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks

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  • Natural said:

    I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

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  • BK said:

    Loved the last little bit in Story Time. Great manoevering at the wedding. Just goes to show, with the right mind set and techniques, you really can pick up anywhere. Good going!!
    .-= BK´s last blog ..The Experts Guide On How To Pick Up Women =-.

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    Robby G Reply:

    Thanks BK, yeah, it all gets down to the approach and how well you handle yourself. Many men overthink the approach and just put too much thought into whether they should come up to the girl or not and more than likely end up doing nothing.

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    BK Reply:

    Totally right. You’ve gotta give it a shot. Then you’ll either get somewhere or worse case scenario NOT! But without even trying you’re never gonna get anywhere. And what’s amazing is girls actually dig you for making the effort, because other guys don’t. It makes a girl feel complimented when you make the effort to make a move on her. And the more practise you get at it … well obviously the better you’ll get… and of course there’s a whole lot of info out there on techniques and ways to approach her.
    .-= BK´s last blog ..The Experts Guide On How To Pick Up Women =-.

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