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22 September 2009 3 Comments

ChonchI was chatting with my mate and he was feeling really depressed for some reason. He wasn’t doing anything to improve his life, he didn’t have anything going for him, he wasn’t organized, structured, or satisfied in any way. But what was worse is that he didn’t even have the will to get up in the morning and get himself together. So he was telling me that he wanted to go and sign up with the army with a 5 year contract. The idea had been circling his mind for months on and off and he was at such a low point in his life that he was certain if he wouldn’t sign up with the army then he’d end up doing something drastic and stupid. He desired the structure that the armed forces offer, but he knew unless he had someone pressure him externally to get his shit together then he wouldn’t have the strength to do it himself. Now thoughts and feelings like that come across everyone’s mind at some points in their life. The difference is some people dwell on those thoughts while others just curb them and move on to better things. However, what is it that separates those who feel hopeless with the ones that are able to evoke an inner push that tells them that they’re better than this and there are brighter days ahead? I think the people in the latter category of people have been able to think things through in a more logical fashion. When you’re feeling in that kind of situation, it’s important to really organize your thoughts, passions, ideas, and move past those negative thoughts.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Goals are the best motivators in life. Without thinking something you want to achieve, it is very difficult to want to keep living because you don’t know what you’re living for. If you need to physically sit down, pull out a paper and pen, think about what you believe will bring you happiness once you achieve it, then actually go ahead and do that, and jot those things down on paper. If it’s hard to think of something, really try to look deep down inside yourself and think about your passions.

2. The How

Then think of ways you can accomplish that goal you’ve set for yourself. Really put some time into this one. This is your life, it’s not a game, and to feel happy in accomplishing that realistic goal you’ve set for yourself, you’ll need to think of how and what you can do to get it.

3. Make Opportunity Knock

Opportunities aren’t only found, they’re made. Life isn’t hard, it’s quite simply actually. The ones that say it’s hard are the pessimistic ones. Unless you were struck by lightning or got shot in a gang crossfire and have been paralysed, life is really beautiful. And though luck plays an important part in a person’s life, it is the past decisions he has made that formulated where he is now. Stupid moves create stupid mistakes. Intelligent actions create better opportunities for you to achieve what you want. That’s why “The How” is important. You think of a way to get what you want, and then you logically and intelligently think of ways you can allow those opportunities to emerge.

4. Never Stop Growing

People will always try to slow you down and tell you you’re incapable of certain things in life. I’ll tell you the exact opposite. You’re capable of anything you want. There are 24 hours in a given day and you have all that time to come closer to your final goal each and every day. You have to be like a slithering snake trying to get through any crack just to get what you want in life. Don’t be closed-minded and ever quit once the going becomes unfavourable to your motives. Let’s say your passion is in becoming a great novelist. To become a famous author, you don’t only have to be able to know how to write an enticing book, you need much more than that. And that’s where it gets interesting and opportunities need to be created. You need to write a book, you go learn how to write, then once you write it, you need to get it published, so go out and find ways you can publish it (self-publishing methods available). Then you need people to read it so you need to market it, thus you need to learn the art of marketing. Finally, you have ideas to market it but you need some money to put that into action so you go get a part time job. Then you market it and you need it reviewed and appreciated, and so on and so forth…  In the end, you’ve not only written a book, but you’ve learnt how to master the entire sphere of things that come along with writing a great piece of literature. This constant growth makes life interesting, and with the initial accomplishment in mind you strive for bigger and better things.

And each time you sense that something isn’t working and you feel like you’re falling back into the grips of depression, readjust your initial goal as your interests and passions change, and then continue to push through to get what you need done. Everything you do, you learn from it, and you can use it in the future. So there should not be any regret, and when you’ve tried hard at something but didn’t completely succeed, at least next time you will be able to use that knowledge to your benefit. Experiencing and experimenting is everything.


  • Lisa said:

    You have alot of good points there. What helped me get up and do something about my life was when a friend told me to write down one thing that I could work on in my life and if I worked on that one thing 30 minutes a day, picture where my life would be. Then she told to me commit to doing that one thing and she challenged me to write her a check dated a year from now for 1,000.00 and if I hadn’t reported my progress everyday for a year, she would cash that check. Writing that check and knowing it was out there gave me the push to change somethings in my life, and sometimes even when we don’t feel like, we have to force change. Great article!

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Lisa: Money is a huge motivating tool as well, especially once you’ve already written out the check. Writing things down and living each day to getting closer to that achievement really makes you feel great. Those days, however, when you feel have gone by and you didn’t improve your chances of getting closer to your goal make you think of how tomorrow you will work twice as hard to get what you want out of life. I’m really happy you enjoyed the article and hope my friend can fathom the idea as well.

  • Jillian said:

    All great points and I hope your friend can take them and use them. I really enjoy reading your blog posts, they always give me a push in the right direction. Your dating advice are amazing and your motivation posts hit the spot each time. I really like your writing style.

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