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Work for Myself

2 December 2008 5 Comments

Paper Boy

Ever since I was 13 I was trying to figure out ways I could make money. At my age it was hard to go out and get a job obviously, because who in their right mind wants a 13 year old worker (well, unless you’re a third world nation or what not). But in Canada there are labour laws that prohibited me from my dream (make money). Labour laws or not, I found a job as a newspaper boy in my area. The first day was exciting, I got a big box delivered to my house and so I started assembling the papers together, putting the flyers in the middle, closing it up, and assembling it neatly in my delivery cart. Well one week and three deliveries later, I realized this job was definitely NOT shite I liked. I decided to do it another week, then I called in to my boss and quit. She told me I needed to work at least a month to get my pay, so in order to get my paycheck I worked off the next 2 weeks and got my first check: $140. I didn’t need to be older than 13 to realize that $140/month, working 3 days a week was shit pay. So I said fuck it and started looking for work that I could do and actually make some real monies.

Write My Wrongs

I remember we were reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton in class one day and the teacher told us that Hinton was a teenager when she got that book published. That obviously gave me an idea to start writing. So I got behind me computer and typed the shite out of a few hundred pages within a few months, I remember. Well, the idiot that I was, I wrote about stuff I had no expertise in: a fictitious family’s grief during the Armenian Genocide. I didn’t try to complete it or get it published because I found out I got the facts all messed. So then I started reading a lot of Stephen King and I got the idea to write a thriller novel. Actually completed it and got it making the rounds of publishers. Got rejected by all, but never really stopped writing. Then wrote another half-finished book, and then a few screenplays and short stories. Anywho, after that first novel, I never really attempted at getting anything else published. Currently working on a new fiction novel, but haven’t gotten around to it in the last few months.

Shite Jobs

During my on-going “writing” career, I’ve worked as a snow-removal guy, a telemarketer, a construction worker, a banquet hall waiter, a furniture mover, and finally an internet entrepreneur. The banquet hall job was fun as hell, because we never really did anything. We had a nice loungey set-up in the washroom where we gambled while others did their drugs, and all of us drank. Oh, and we of course flourished as the top guerrilla terrorists in the service industry of our neighborhood, if you know what I mean. All of those jobs, however, were all for just some extra cash in me pocket. Now that I’ve got some excess cash, I’m trying to get this internet business thing going with a hooligan forum and this blog.

Making Monies

Either way you put it, my focus has always remained on monies ever since I was 13. I’m of course hoping to one day get some of me written shite published, but until then I’ll keep writing in this here blog. After all of my work experience, I’ve decided there’s nothing better than working for meself. Oh, and university is for people who want to work for someone else in the future. I’m still in univ (even though it’s still on strike),  but I see my degree as something to fall back on if all else fails.


  • Guy said:

    Nothing like working for yourself. Best thing about it is setting your own time. But I think only organized and strict people can really work for themselves, because unless you’re organized and strict with your schedule, you’re never gooing to get anything accomplished.

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  • Deon said:

    Damn wish I had all that ambition at 13.

    I remember reading the Outsiders but I didn’t know it was published when the author was a teenager.

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  • Wei Liang | ABloggerBlog said:

    All the best in achieving your dreams. Hope you have success in your internet business,

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  • Karolina said:

    I remember i did the newspaper stuff when i was 12. I wanted to make money and that’s all that was available. I delivered the useless liberal newspaper. I asked to quit after the first couple of days cause it was horrible. I had to work off the month to get paid. All i got was $70. No wonder underage kids deliver the paper. No one of age in their right mind would consent to that labour for pennies.

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Wei Liang | ABloggerBlog, Thanks, best of luck to you too.

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