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21 January 2009 5 Comments

As you’ve seen from my previous posts, movies really play a big part in my life. What I get most from them is motivation to do something, and there were three flicks that were really responsible for me to start working out when I did. Fight Club was one, another was Snatch, and a third was (you’ll never guess) American Psycho. There’s one part in American Psycho when he’s working out that really put me in the mood to get fit myself even though that movie doesn’t have anything to do with fitness or fighting. Anywho, I think that once a person actually takes the initiative to pick their ass up off the couch or from in front of the computer and make their way to the gym, they’ve taken an important step already. The first few workout days were a hassle for me. All that working out, getting tired, sweating, not really seeing any results right away, and that whole routine bullshite really put a cramp in my style. (Pun intended).  But after you really get to doing it on a daily or every other day, you start feeling like it’s part of you. I remember I would plan and even look forward to going to the gym everyday as if it was some kind of treat instead of a punishment for my body.

Becoming a Work-outaholic

My main focus of work-out was my upper-body, so chest, neck, shoulders, abs, basically everything above the waist. The benefits of working-out weren’t just seeing results after a month or so in my muscles, but it actually changes your entire life around. During my time of working-out, up until my car accident in September ’08 after which I still can’t lift weights due to my back pain mostly, I used to work out on a daily basis for about eight months. I began to drink alcohol less, no smoking of any kind, not even shisha, I felt good physically, didn’t get sick once with a cold or flu and overall felt amazing. The best part about it was I actually began to feel better psychologically as well. I wasn’t depressed or sad or anything over anything for even a single day (it also might have been my summer relationship that made me feel happy) but I rather give working out the credit. But in all truth and honesty, my mind was actually completely clear during my work-out months. I felt energized all the time and was constantly trying to stay active. During the summer I worked as a window washer, then worked in construction, then worked a simultaneous banquet hall waiter job and as a furniture mover. All were physically demanding jobs and I loved them for that reason alone. My car accident really fucked me over completely. Now I’m bored and shite most the time because I can’t work-out, only a few light exercises.

Total Gym and Power Drinks

Those power booster drinks were being downed by the hour. Red Bull and this other All-In Energy Drink were being finished one by one, especially right before the work-out. I also recently saw this Chuck Norris work-out unit called Total Gym that really seems to work. Don’t take my word for it, I haven’t tried it for myself, but it looks pretty good if you’re starting out to work out and want to get into shape before hitting the hard weights to gain bigger muscles.

Working out leaves you feeling amazing, but remember it’s not just an occasional thing, you really have to keep at it everyday and integrate it into your everyday life to get results. But trust me, after a few work-outs you’ll become an addict. You’ll take time away from sitting with the family to watch the tele to head to the gym for half hour to pump some iron. I wish I could go to the gym right now and do some dumbbell bench presses.


  • Ken said:

    Yeah, you’re right, I don’t get how American psycho can make you want to work out. But good post overall.

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  • Casey said:

    working out helps the mind and body. it really is something you need to do on a daily basis. keeping in shape is so important in life, i’ve been working out for months now and it’s what kept me going in life. everyday i wake up i’m thinking about what exercises i’ll do when i’m at the gym.

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  • Allanah said:

    American Psycho made me want to perfect my morning skin/hair rituals, he made me feel so damn bad about it because he was so perfect! But then he started hacking up people and I felt not so bad.

    Exercise is good though! I hate the non-believers.

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  • payday advance online said:

    I think working out makes me feel so good, not only healthy but better about myself. i think everyone should do some sort of excersice, even if it is just a walk around the block.

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  • payday loan said:

    I agree with the last comment!! It is very important to work out daily!!

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