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You Can Never Fail Until You Quit

16 March 2009 8 Comments

This is the second part to my previous post: You Can’t Succeed Without Trying.

As months have passed, I’ve realized quite a few things not just about making money online, but from any business you can ever set-up. If you’ve created a product, whether it be Shudder Shades, which defy the entire idea of sunglasses, or whether it’s a blog about things that have a funky smell, it doesn’t matter how unrealistic it seems to make money from your product, if you truly feel passionate about it and you put enough time into the product, you will not fail. Notice that I didn’t exactly say that you will necessarily succeed, but you will definitely not fail. Remember this, you can never fail anything until you quit. If you asked me if I ever had thought about quitting this entire blogging shite, I’d tell you that that thought has crossed my mind on many occasions. What kept me going were the hater comments, no, just kidding, it was the idea of failing. I did not want to fail. And I know that as long as I keep updating, marketing, learning, trying new things, and expanding my community, it can only benefit me in the long-run.

Interesting Quote

I was reading a blog post the other day where Michael Dunlop from RetireAt21.com interviewed Ryan Allis, the co-founder of iContact, and there was a quote that I took much interest in. In reply to question, Ryan said: “If you create a company without any initial monetary investment or financial backing, then you are doing something called bootstrapping. In this situation, you can expect to work 70+ hour weeks for a year or more without a salary. You also need to be very creative and learn how to improvise to extend what little cash you may have at the very beginning.” This quote really made me think about my own position. In my first month of blogging I was expecting to make lots of money–fast! But I quickly learned that there is no such thing in life as easy money. If you assess this blog, I’ll tell you right now that I invested long hours into it, but from a financial standpoint, I’ve invested less than $100 into it. Now I’ve made a few hundred dollars from this blog already and it’s only been 4 months as I’ve began posting on this blog, but it’s nowhere near as much as I aim to make in the future only if I stick to it and don’t give up. What I want to point out with this quote, however, isn’t my own achievement, but that if you’re someone like me who is starting from financial scratch then you cannot expect to make millions the first year even if your product is the next big thing, because there is much more that goes into making it the next big thing then just having the idea for it and developing it.

I Have a Dream…

Even though I define a Boss as someone who is collected and in control of his surroundings, you must understand that a Boss is someone who is also the person who has the balls to take risks in life and doesn’t require approval from his peers or family to take his business idea and develop it into something he truly wants. I can think of hundreds of other things I could be doing right this minute rather than sit here and type these blog posts, but the fact is, every single business out there has undersea rocks that are impossible to foresee until you clash with them. I’ve experienced my share of setbacks in my time of blogging and it would be stupid of me to quit now and move on to try something that I know nothing about but have only heard that some Joe is making millions off of. Remember, you only hear of those few success stories, but you never end up hearing about the millions of failure stories. I’m not saying to not try anything new, but be sure that you are fully ready to quit and fail in something before moving onto something completely new. My personal plan is to combine all of my knowledge from what I’ve learnt in school, university, college, and the variety of jobs I’ve had in my lifetime to build an business empire, while expanding that field of knowledge slowly and through common ground.

But most importantly, remember: You have not failed until you’ve quit, however you can never succeed until you’ve taken a risk.


  • Ted Friedman said:

    Loved it. You can read this and the previous post separately or together, that’s what I like. Thanks for the link to Retire@21 that’s a nice site too. Risks are important to success, and “you can’t fail if you never quit” is a sick motto to have.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Ted: RetireAt21 is a great source for anyone who wants to make money online.

  • Drake said:

    I’m surprised how many people I know that start something, feel all excited about it, and the first second it doesn’t receive the awknoledgement they believe it deserves, they simply quiver up and quit. If life were that easy where everything you feel passionate about producing makes you into a millionaire then everyone would be a millionaire. The only ones that succeed are the ones that keep pushing their idea and market their product well. Thanks for the motivational post mate. Useful stuff!

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Drake: There are way too many people that have that problem. They get all wound up and then that heat flees way too quickly and they end up with nothing more than a failed dream on their hands. Some try again but others just think, ‘well, what’s the point.’ Gotta keep pushing those ideas and products. Just like in “Two for the Money”: You gotta push until it starts pushing back, and then you push some more. You can never push far enough.

  • Anna said:

    What kept you going was the idea of failing, I love that. So you have some failure issues eh? I think that’s about the only issue that I wish I had lol. I’ve started a lot of shite and quit on and regret not pursuing.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Anna: Bah, everything can be labelled as an issue of some sort nowadays, ain’t that a shame? But the only issue I have is I’m allergic to broke lol.

  • How to Get Six Pack Fast said:

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  • bob ama said:

    Alternatively you should read The Black Swan and understand exactly what ‘success’ is.

    Everything is a success until it fails.

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